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2014 Pricing

We have reviewed our costs for the season and released pricing for our 2014 steer. Please review our cuts page for a description of our cuts and our current prices and deposits for the year. If you have any questions, please contact us via our contact form or give us a call anytime!

Our Favorite Beef

Blue Ridge Natural Beef quickly became our favorite beef because it’s simple, quick, all natural, and most of all very tasty. We love the simplicity of the individually packaged cuts of meat that defrost within minutes when placed in a bowl of cold water. Preparing a meal takes less than thirty minutes from the freezer,

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Our Cuts

All of our meat is delivered vacuumed packed and labeled by cut. Steaks are 1¼ inch thick, one to a pack. Ground beef is in one-pound vacuum packs. Roasts are 3-4 pounds. Briskets and flanks are whole. Rib eyes and some sirloin will be bone in; all other steaks are boneless. If you order an

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Whole Steer

12-Filet Mignon 24-NY Strip 10-Sirloin Tip Steak 12-Bone-in Sirloin 2-Eye of Round Roast 10-London Broil 12-Stew Beef Packs 8-Bottom Round Roast 2-Flank Steak Whole 4-Liver Packs 2-Ox Tail (If available) 24-Bone-in Rib Steak 12-Chuck Steak 4-Skirt Steak 12-Short Rib Packs 8-Flat Iron Steak 2-Whole Brisket 12-Stew Beef Packs 190-packs of hamburger (1-1.25lb)