What is natural beef?
Natural is defined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as “containing no artificial ingredient or added color and only minimally processed.” Blue Ridge Natural Beef extends the concept of “natural” to include the way we do business: safely, humanely and environmentally sound.

Is the meat certified organic?
No. The success Blue Ridge Natural Beef has had producing tender, flavorful beef is due to the combination of growing on pasture and finishing on corn with no contained feeding. For our beef to be certified organic all the corn we give our cattle would have to be certified organic and it is not.

What breed of cattle is used?
The steers are Black Angus and Angus/Hereford cross. The bulls are certified Black Angus, as established by the American Angus Association guidelines, and source verified a minimum of five generations.

Is the beef aged?
All our beef is dry aged for 17 to 21 days.

When do I pay and what’s included?
We require a deposit (price varies depending on cuts) when you reserve your beef with the balance payable at delivery. Prices include finishing, processing and local delivery fees. Delivery is free within a 75-mile radius of Stanardsville, Virginia. Delivery charges may apply beyond the 75 miles.

How is the meat packed/processed?
All of the meat is vacuumed packed and labeled by cut. Steaks are 1ΒΌ inch thick, two to a pack. Ground beef is in one-pound vacuum packs. Roasts are 3-4 pounds. Briskets and flanks are whole. Rib eyes and some sirloin will be bone in; all other steaks are boneless. If you order an entire side, you will also get stew meat, shanks, skirt steaks, liver and some short ribs, along with a few other cuts you may not see at your local grocer.

How much beef will be delivered?
A quarter of beef, processed and frozen, will fill approximately two 48-quart Coleman Coolers. A side of beef, processed and frozen, will fill approximately four 48-quart Coleman Coolers. A whole steer will fill a 13.8-square foot box freezer; a side will fill a 7.5-square foot freezer.